Guide to Date Latinas

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If you’re reading this, it means you’re interested in one of three things:

  1. Dating latinas in your country of origin.
  2. Vacationing in Latin America and sleeping with some latinas during your stay.
  3. Relocating to Latin America for an extended stay and having casual dates or long-term relationships with latinas.

In this book I’ll give you all the insights you need to make this a reality.

Who am I?

I was born in Mexico and have visited the US for leisure several times a year since I was a kid. Once I graduated, I spent some years living in the US due to my job in Tech. I'm now location-independent and travel regularly.

My time going back and forth between the two countries made me realize how much interest there is among foreigners in dating latinas.

Latin America is seen as one of the last few places in the world where people are being raised with traditional gender roles in mind. It’s true, latinas learn how to cook, clean and serve their fathers and brothers from a young age. This of course implies that they expect men to lead, protect and provide for them.

If this sounds appealing to you, you’ve come to the right place.

In this book I’ll detail all the information that only a local who has lived in both types of countries and knows game could share.

Think of me as your guide to dating in Latin America.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Welcome to Latin America

  • First stop: Mexico?
  • Myths and expectations
  • Areas to visit
  • Cost of visiting LatAm
  • Cost of relocating to LatAm long-term

Section 2: Tourist Survival Kit

  • How LatAm works from a social standpoint
  • How every race does with girls in LatAm
  • The gringo tax
  • What to expect when dealing with Mexicans as a foreigner
  • How to avoid problems as a foreigner in Mexico

Section 3: The Latina Psyche

  • How latinas are raised
  • What latinas expect from you
  • Types of latinas
  • What latinas are attracted to

Section 4: The LatAm Dating Scene

  • Dating latinas in your home country
  • Differences among latinas from various countries
  • How casual dating works in LatAm
  • How long-term relationships work in LatAm
  • Daygame specifics
  • Nightgame specifics
  • Online dating specifics

Section 5: Conversation Topics for Foreigners

  • Spanish
  • Mexican food
  • International travel
  • DC’s stories

Section 6: City Guides

  • The Capital: Mexico City
  • The West: Guadalajara
  • The North: Monterrey
  • The South east: Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Tulum
  • The Center & historical cities: Puebla, Guanajuato, Querétaro


Will this book work for me if I'm from Europe/Asia/Anywhere else?

Yes, anyone who was not born in Latin America will get maximum benefit from reading this book.

Is Latin America dangerous?

Nah. Like everywhere else, if yo go to the hood at 2 AM wearing your finest clothes, with an open macbook on your left hand and having a loud conversation with your iPhone on your right hand, then yes of course. But in the book I tell you which spots to avoid . You don't avoid the USA as a whole just because Southside Chicago is bad. You don't even avoid Chicago because Southside Chicago is bad.

I want this!

The Guide to Date Latinas will teach you how to meet, date and sleep with latinas, their psychology and specific quirks. It has all the insights you need to find latinas in your country, safely visit Latin America and relocating for the long-term if you choose to do so.

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Guide to Date Latinas

4 ratings
I want this!